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Choux Pastry

Often regarded as a challenge in the kitchen, by following a few basic rules you too can produce perfect choux pastry. Perfect for filling with crème patissière or other indulgences. Ingredients 125g water 125g whole milk 100g butter 5g salt (1/2 tsp) 1 tsp caster sugar 150g plain flour 4 medium eggs – room temperature […]

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Aubergine, Chestnut & Stilton Wellington

This is a rather special vegetarian dish for Christmas. Some elements can be made in advance, even the day before, helping to reduce the work on Christmas Day itself. I am suggesting a Scandinavian pastry that is easier to work with than rough puff but if you prefer to use shop-bought, all-butter puff pastry that […]

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Brendan's Spinach, Cheese and Walnut Strudel

Spinach, Cheese & Walnut Strudel

I have often made apple strudel which is always a popular and delicious dessert. For the Great British Bake Off, however, I decided to do something savoury instead. Trawling through recipe books I came across some interesting ideas in my well-thumbed copy of the classic ‘Greens Cookbook’ by Deborah Madison. The filling I came up […]

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Brendan's Salmon Coulibiac with a Scandinavian Pastry

Salmon Coulibiac with a Scandinavian Pastry

This is a special dish, suitable for a celebration or family gathering. And it is excellent for Christmas Day lunch or dinner. Although there are a number of elements, none is particularly tricky. Just make sure to allow enough time and the making of this should prove a pleasure (3-4 hours in total). Some elements […]

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Tarte Tatin – Façon Parisienne

This is a favourite recipe that has evolved over 15 years of making it. In the early attempts back then, I didn’t understand the importance of using acidic apples that hold their shape well, as some eating apples collapse into mush. I once phoned up ‘Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons’ to ask for advice and […]

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Brendan's Danish Savoury

Savoury Danish

I recently spent a lovely week touring Dorset. In Lyme Regis we chanced upon the splendid Town Mill Bakery where my eye fell immediately on their ‘Savoury Danish’. And they tasted as good as they looked! This is my interpretation. Be sure to drop by the Bakery if you happen to be in Lyme Regis […]

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