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Brendan's Stilton Christmas Buns

Christmas Tree of Stilton Walnut Christmas Buns

The first one I made was a large, round, sweet version that contained chocolate, but I have adapted it to be a savoury version in the recipe below. Excellent for a tear and share informal party over the festive season, or for any time of the year. Can be made in a large, round baking […]

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Bredan's best Gingerbread

The ‘Best Recipe’ of the Pain d’épices (Gingerbreads)

There are many recipes for gingerbreads, but this one, in my view, is one of the finest. It is moist, light, and deliciously aromatic with its range of spices. It uses honey instead of golden syrup. Best stored for 24 hours after baking to allow the flavours to develop. Delectable and delicious! Ingredients 320g of […]

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Brendan's Baltic Orange and Cinnamon Kringle Bread

Baltic Orange and Cinnamon Kringle Bread

Ingredients 300g of organic, all-purpose white flour ½ tsp salt 160ml lukewarm, whole milk – warmed 1 envelope of active dry yeast (7g) 30g melted butter – cooled 1 egg yolk 1 tbls caster sugar Finely grated zest of 1 large orange ½ tsp orange flower water (optional) Filling: 40g butter, melted and cooled 3 […]

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Mini Madeleines

Ingredients: 150g of sifted plain flour 125g of melted butter 150g caster sugar 2 large eggs – lightly beaten 2 tbls of whole milk 1 tsp of fast-acting yeast 1 tsp of vanilla extract Method: First melt the butter and allow to cool Whisk the eggs with the caster sugar until nearly white and fluffy […]

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Orange Ginger Cake

I like my ginger cake spicy, citrusy and gingery, so this recipe has evolved over the years to deliver all three flavours. Ginger cake was the afternoon tea cake of choice when I was growing up in Ireland and it still remains one of my favourites. The key is to add fresh ginger rather than […]

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Almond Dacquoise with Berry Fruits

Preparation tear off two pieces of non-stick parchment to cover two trays measuring 15” x 14”/38cm x 36 approx. On the two pieces of parchment, using a pencil, draw a circle 10”/26cm using a fish/dinner plate, for example. Turn the paper over so that the pencil mark is facing the tray. When you have the […]

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Cypriot Olive & Mint Bread

Ingredients 1 ½ kilos of strong flour 3 pkts fast-action dried yeast, or 60g fresh 1 ½ tbls caster sugar 3 tsps fine salt 2 large jars olives – whole and unpitted. But if in hurry, use pitted olives. 2 medium onions finely chopped – or pulsed in a food processor. (Finely chopped does not […]

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Brendan's Spooky Meringues

Spooky Meringues

Ingredients 4 large, free-range egg whites pinch salt 225g/8ozs caster sugar 1 ½ tablespoons of cornflour. sifted 1 ½  tsps vanilla extract Preparation method Preheat the oven to 55C/130F/Gas 1. Beat the egg whites and salt together in a stand mixer bowl until soft peaks form when the whisk is removed. Add the sugar one […]

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Gingerbread Sponge with Poached Pears

Great to stimulate the tastebuds of all those courageous people who are quitting cigarettes during the ‘Stoptober’ campaign. This is a great cake for a tea party or special occasion. Yet, it is fairly simple to make: just follow the recipe carefully. The poached pears not only look great but add lovely flavour and texture […]

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Chocolate & Orange Marbled Loaf Cake

Here’s a simple but delicious loaf cake that would be ideal with morning coffee but would also make a good dessert with some vanilla ice cream, crème frâiche or Greek yoghurt. Chocolate and orange are a classic combination. I’ve added an orange glaze and pieces of candied orange peel  (see my recipe on this site) […]

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